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  • A generation of students is being ripped off – and our blood should be boiling | Zoe Williams May 20, 2024
    Politicians talk about tuition fees as if the students were somehow getting a good deal. In reality, they’re being shockingly exploitedWhether or not universities are at risk of going bust is often talked about like a second-order problem. Sure, it’s sad and all, but is it as serious as a local authority going bankrupt? Is […]
    Zoe Williams
  • Why are class reunions so terrifying? | Lauren Mechling and Rachel Dodes May 20, 2024
    The prospect of a high school or college reunion elicits shame, dread and regret. What if going could actually be good for your mental health?Both of us have 25th college reunions fast approaching. And as we write this, neither of us has registered. The emotions that these events tend to inspire – most notably shame, […]
    Lauren Mechling and Rachel Dodes
  • Scrap the VAT tax on private schools, Labour. Just let low-income kids attend instead | Mike Harris May 20, 2024
    Fears of a future tax rise have already increased fees and lowered intake. Use the money for bursaries and everyone winsLabour may be gaining a reputation for policy shyness, but one of its ideas is already having an impact. The party’s plan to introduce a 20% VAT tax on private schools to better fund state […]
    Mike Harris
  • Next government must make hard university funding decisions, fast May 19, 2024
    Labour sees no electoral gain in flagging sector’s funding crisis – but losses cannot be sustained much longerEx-ministers say universities will go bust without higher fees or fundingWhy are universities in such financial dire straits? According to one sector leader, it’s because they are losing money on two of their three income streams, while their […]
    Richard Adams Education editor
  • Ex-ministers warn UK universities will go bust without higher fees or funding May 19, 2024
    Exclusive: Vice-chancellors suggest fee rise of £2,000 to £3,500 a year, but others say that is ‘politically impossible’Next government must make hard university funding decisions, fastVice-chancellors and former ministers are warning that the cash crisis facing universities is so serious that the next government will have to urgently raise tuition fees or increase funding to […]
    Rowena Mason, Richard Adams, Eleni Courea and Aletha Adu
  • ‘Scary’: public-school textbooks the latest target as US book bans intensify May 19, 2024
    A school district in Houston has voted to redact chapters on vaccines and climate change, and parents and educators are worriedThe wave of book bans sweeping the US, typically reserved for works of fiction deemed controversial, has hit textbooks used in public schools, marking the next step in Republicans’ war on education.The board of trustees […]
    Erum Salam
  • Readers reply: what was humanity’s first word? May 19, 2024
    The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical conceptsWhat was the first word that humanity uttered? There must have been one … Raymond Simms, HullSend new questions to Continue reading...
  • Education’s deepest crisis is being ignored by Westminster – and even harsher cuts are on the way | John Harris May 19, 2024
    As politicians fuss over sex education, a desperate and worsening void in special needs provision is leaving families with nowhere to turnAs an illustration of the gap between high politics and everyday reality, last week’s news stories about education policy were grimly perfect. The government was making a lot of noise about new restrictions on […]
    John Harris
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