December 23, 2014 shouball 0

We often jokingly call this drink ”advocaat of the devil”, because once you start nipping at this sweet nectar, you cannot resist the temptation to […]

Sloe Gin

January 1, 2014 shouball 0

Sloes are the fruit of the blackthorn bush, a mini relative of the plum growing throughout the british countryside and urban areas (avoid fruits growing […]

Simple Grape Wine

January 1, 2014 shouball 0

A lot of wine experts would probably say that this recipe would not work as it is too simple, but it does.

Nettle Beer

January 1, 2014 shouball 0

This is an easy recipe to follow and creates a delightful, if not usual tasting beer. It is very cheap to make and follows a […]

Elderflower cordial

January 1, 2014 shouball 0

Sophie Grigson captures the essence of warm English summers with this refreshing and versatile elderflower cordial


January 1, 2014 shouball 0

I call this Ciderish as it is not quite real cider and not quite apple wine, more somewhere in between. (also it fits in with […]