November 18, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction Sweetcorn is delicious eaten fresh and there are some new selections that are easier to grow in the UK. Mini sweetcorn is a good […]

French beans

November 12, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction French beans are delicious and easy to grow in small gardens. They make great finger food for children, and are ideal for anyone who […]

Florence fennel

November 12, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction Florence fennel, a wonderfully ornamental vegetable, is grown for its swollen leaf bases or ‘bulbs’ and edible leaves. When using in salads, the flavour […]


November 11, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction Leaf beet, or chard, is becoming more popular thanks to the cultivars with brightly coloured leaf stalks and the revival of interest in growing […]


November 8, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction Often a neglected crop, but one that is increasing in popularity due to its nutritional properties. Kale (also known as borecole) tolerates cold weather […]