Meles meles

DachsOn the 15th June I had the first sighting of what has become a resident badger family/grouping. I think there are two badgers that have been residing in a set near the big barn. I’m not one of those people who usually get excited about sightings of vicious animals and was not at all pleased at the prospect of getting grunted at every time I went to water my tomatoes, but to be honest I have sort of got used to seeing and chatting to Lionel and his friend Lionelka. They don’t seem to grunt any more, just sort of scuttle under the pile of branches I cut for kindling with my friend Saw Beng Tee last year. They don’t seem to be damaging crops or gnashing their teeth at me, so perhaps Lionelka is not a female after all and it’s just two lads shacked up together. I suppose this doesn’t surprise me after all the male flowers on my courgette plants. Maybe I should rename Lionelka as Leonard or just opt for some ambiguous name like Lesley. Anyhow over the last few weeks I’ve seen them or it (since they don’t wear clothes or seem to have distinguishing marks, or more likely I’m too scared to get up close) frequently and once, one of them did a little scuttling dance for me.



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