November 18, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction Turnips grow best in cool, moisture-retentive soils and should be kept well watered before the onset of dry weather to stop them running to […]


November 18, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction Swede, an abbreviation for Swedish turnip, is extremely hardy, and grows well in cool, moist climates – it’s the perfect winter vegetable. Swedes need […]


November 13, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction The marrow is an easy vegetable to grow – with care you can have a very large crop in a relatively short time. Marrow, courgette, squash […]


November 12, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction You can grow cucumbers in the ground, pots or in growing bags. Home-grown cucumbers taste fabulous. Choose the type that’s right for you – […]