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May 10, 2018 shouball 0

“Nummern” Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht… One, two… Uno, due, três, quatro… Ichi, ni, san, chi… Adin, dva, tri…     “Heimcomputer” […]

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Nina Hagen

April 18, 2018 shouball 0

Du hast den farbfilm Vergessen (Subtitulado) DU HAST DEN FARBFILM VERGESSEN SONGTEXT Hoch stand der Sanddorn am Strand von Hiddensee Micha, mein Micha, und alles […]

Ukrainian Borsch

December 16, 2017 shouball 0

I love the deep ruby color of this borsch! It’s so healthy and nutritious; packed with beans (protein), beets (iron), carrots (carotene), potatoes (vit C, […]

Christmas Stollen

December 16, 2017 shouball 0

At Christmas time in Austria, Germany and parts of France they traditionally serve something called stollen: it is a rich fruity yeast bread filled with […]


November 19, 2017 shouball 0

Introduction A chief ingredient of a fiery sauce that is traditional used as an accompaniment to roast beef or grated into coleslaw, horseradish is a […]