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  • UK universities facing 'unaffordable' hike in pension contributions March 3, 2021
    Staff and institutions condemn potential combined rise from 30.7% to up to 56% of payroll in USS schemeUniversity staff and employers have united to condemn an “unrealistic” increase in contributions demanded by the main higher education pension scheme, which would cost many employees about £8,000 a year and a further combined £1bn from employers.The Universities […]
    Richard Adams, Education editor
  • Research undermines claims philosophy boosts primary maths and reading March 3, 2021
    Trial designed to develop social skills and cognitive abilities had suggested improvements in other subjectsA controversial study that suggested engaging primary schoolchildren in philosophical discussions could also improve their maths and reading has been undermined by new research that found little or no improvements in those subjects.An initial 2015 trial into the use of Philosophy […]
    Richard Adams Education editor
  • Australian scientist gets baby fish to bust a move to MC Hammer classic March 3, 2021
    DJ and neuroscientist Rebecca Poulsen – aka BeXta – has studied what happens to a zebrafish’s brain when it hears U Can’t Touch ThisWhat happens inside the brain of a baby zebrafish when you play MC Hammer’s timeless 1990 hip-hop track, U Can’t Touch This, and why is this even a question?“I’ve spent a lot […]
    Graham Readfearn
  • Rian Treanor: the producer hacking a smarter, kinder future for music March 3, 2021
    The Rotherham electronic musician is using his skills to tackle dementia, teach children and collaborate across the globe – and dreams of a club where the dancers play the drum machinesLiving in lockdown while caring for someone with dementia “isn’t just like Groundhog Day”, chuckles Rian Treanor, “it’s like Groundhog Second.” The soft-spoken electronic music […]
    Chal Ravens
  • Giving kids a break is the best way for them to 'catch up' after a year of disruption | John McMullen March 3, 2021
    Studies have shown that promoting wellbeing through play goes a long way to boost academic outcomesAcross the UK schools are again preparing for a phased or full return of pupils to the classroom. Most weary parents, compassionate teachers and lonely kids will be delighted to see this day come, but concerns remain about the effect […]
    John McMullen
  • Myanmar: the resistance and the crackdown: the 6 March Guardian Weekly March 3, 2021
    This week we report from Myanmar where the crackdown against pro-democracy protesters has escalated. Plus: the meaning of the Khashoggi report. Get the magazine delivered to your home here Since the military removed the democratic government of Aung San Suu Kyi on 1 February, a bold protest movement has been bravely standing up to the […]
    Will Dean
  • Girls doing more housework in Covid lockdown than boys March 3, 2021
    Young women are becoming trapped in traditional roles at home and neglecting education, finds charityCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageGirls and young women aged between 14 and 24 are taking responsibility for the majority of household chores during the pandemic, leaving them less time to focus on their education, according to a new […]
    Rachel Hall
  • Secondary schools ask for clarity from UK government on face masks March 2, 2021
    Widespread confusion after government stops councils enforcing masks in English primary schoolsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageHead teachers have called on the government to provide decisive guidance on face masks in secondary schools, saying that pupils could end up being excluded in disputes over face coverings.Just days before all pupils are due to […]
    Sally Weale and Jessica Elgot
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