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  • Texas schools are being told to teach ‘opposing views’ of the Holocaust. Why? | Francine Prose October 19, 2021
    The question of what specific books and topics can and can’t be taught is linked to a disturbing new law in TexasI’ve been trying to imagine what Gina Peddy could have been thinking when, on 8 October, she informed a group of Southlake, Texas, elementary school teachers that, if their classroom libraries included books about […]
    Francine Prose
  • ‘Distracting’: Tasmanian Catholic schoolgirls forced to kneel and have skirts measured October 19, 2021
    Marist Regional College in Burnie forced to apologise after complaints from parents over ‘outdated’ and ‘humiliating’ incident Get our free news app; get our morning email briefingA Tasmanian Catholic secondary school has been forced to issue an apology after a group of year 8 students were instructed to kneel down to have their skirts measured, […]
    Caitlin Cassidy
  • ICO to step in after schools use facial recognition to speed up lunch queue October 18, 2021
    Privacy campaigners raise concerns after nine schools in North Ayrshire scan faces of pupils to take paymentsThe Information Commissioner’s Office is to intervene over concerns about the use of facial recognition technology on pupils queueing for lunch in school canteens in the UK.Nine schools in North Ayrshire began taking payments for school lunches this week […]
    Sally Weale Education correspondent
  • The Guardian view on biometric technology in schools: watch closely | Editorial October 18, 2021
    Sellers of facial recognition software would like it to be seen as a useful tool. But its use on children raises questionsThe news that schools in North Ayrshire in Scotland have introduced facial recognition technology to support payments in their canteens prompts many questions. The company behind the scheme, CRB Cunninghams, says valuable time will […]
  • Did you solve it? Hamiltonian ingenuity on the grid October 18, 2021
    The solutions to today’s puzzlesEarlier today I set you two puzzles based on Hamiltonian paths in a square grid. A Hamiltonian path is one which visits every cell exactly once. (If you want a print out of the puzzles, click here.)1. The Hamiltonian path Continue reading...
    Alex Bellos
  • Can you solve it? Hamiltonian ingenuity on the grid October 18, 2021
    Mental chicaneryUPDATE: the solutions are now up.No, not that Hamilton. I meant William Rowan Hamilton, the nineteenth century Irish mathematician.And not that sort of grid. I meant a square grid, like a chessboard or a Sudoku. Continue reading...
    Alex Bellos
  • Wales launches drive to keep young people in their homeland October 18, 2021
    Economy minister tells of ‘significant challenge’ of retaining and attracting talent to support country’s economyThe Welsh government is launching a drive to persuade more young people to remain in their homeland amid growing concerns that the percentage of working-age citizens is dropping to worryingly low levels.Ministers fear that unless the “brain drain” is stopped – […]
    Steven Morris
  • ‘You have to go where the work is’: why young people are leaving Wales October 18, 2021
    Wales is asking its young people to stay and work. Many want to, but there are concerns about lack of opportunityStudents Kyle Davies and Timothy Bird were to be found working on a jet engine in the aerospace centre at the University of South Wales’ Treforest campus, just south of Pontypridd.Both agreed they loved the […]
    Steven Morris
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