Walnut paste

December 16, 2015 shouball 0

Print Walnut paste Ingredients 175 g walnut kernels 175 g icing sugar 1 egg white Instructions Add all onto food processor

Christmas Pudding

November 21, 2015 shouball 0

Print Christmas Pudding I don’t deny it: there is something unattractively boastful about calling one’s own recipe “ultimate”. But having soaked my dried fruit for […]

Treacle Tart

December 30, 2013 shouball 0

Print Treacle tart The perfect dessert for the sweet-toothed is a Treacle Tart. A treacle tart recipe involves first making some pastry but if you […]

Gooseberry and elderflower fool

December 30, 2013 shouball 0

Print Gooseberry and elderflower fool Taste the essence of summer in this ambrosial combination of gooseberry, elderflower and softly whipped cream Ingredients * 500g gooseberries […]

Golden Syrup

December 30, 2013 shouball 0

Print Golden Syrup If you are somewhere in this world where golden syrup is not readily available, this homemade version is a good substitute. Of […]

Blender Ice Cream

December 30, 2013 shouball 0

Print Blender Ice Cream Here is a fun, easy to make ice cream. We hope you have a lot of fun. Ingredients 1/4 cup milk […]