Plans for a New Protest in Serbia

Belgrade’s protests ended, and people went home after special forces of the Serbian police took out protesters from the nation’s RTS television, TASS reported.

Opposition Leaders Dragan Dzillas and Bosko Obradovic, leader of the Dveri Party, were among the last out of the RTS building. Then the gathered tried to penetrate the building again, but the police pushed them with shields.

Obradovic urged protesters to continue their action today in front of the presidential palace, where President Alexander Vucic will address the penetration of the RTS building. “Friends, I think we will all go tomorrow to this address and ask for his resignation, until tomorrow at noon next to the presidential palace,” he said.

Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic promised yesterday at an extraordinary press conference that all participants in the protest entered into the RTS building will be punished.

Defense Minister Alexander Vulin called the protesters “fascists” and said they should be strictly punished. This was the first incident after months of peaceful protests against Vucic, notes Associated Press.

Protestors against the regime of Serbian President Alexander Vucic invaded the state television RTS in Belgrade. Previously, they blocked the entrance of the media, according to Beta and RTS.
Part of the demonstrators managed to break through the police cordlessly and into the air. Immediately afterwards, special forces were sent to the site that prevented protesters from climbing the upper floors of the building.

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