Bulgarian President: The EU will be Successful only if it Represents the Success of all its Member States

Riga. The future of the European Union depends on its ability to involve its citizens in the decision-making process. One of the great problems of the EU today is the impression that the future of Europe is shaped by a small elite, said Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, addressing the meeting of the heads of state of the Arraiolos Group in Riga, his press office said.
In his speech, the Bulgarian head of state said that democratic institutions in Europe are a fact, but they still fail to fulfill their inclusive role for the EU citizens and many of them do not feel represented.
The economic and social cohesion between “old” and “new” EU member states is a precondition for preserving the Union’s potential for being united and act as a community, President Radev said. He called for real integration in the social sphere, economics and education as the most effective measure for upholding European principles and values.
The European Union can only be successful in the future only if it represents the success of all its member states. “If the EU is not united and fails to promote its values in the neighboring regions, it will sooner or later begin to import models outside of the Union,” the president stated. In his words, this also requires integration in the field of foreign policy and diplomacy and building an adequate defence capacity.

Focus News Agency 

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