Bitcoin BCH Donations Give Hope to Foster Children in Bulgaria via BitHope

BitHope’s crowdfunding platform now accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for donations on its platform. The Bulgarian based cryptocurrency exclusive platform is currently hosting a campaign to help some foster children realise their summer holiday dreams. The SOS Children’s Village in Bulgaria is planning a summer holiday camp for kids in their foster homes and the campaign is open to Bitcoin BCH donations.

Staying true to its tagline, “Your Bitcoins can give hope,” BitHope announced on Twitter in December that has started accepting Bitcoin BCH, along with ETH, due to high transaction fees on the BTC chain.

The latest campaign on BitHope aims to give foster children at the SOS Children’s Village in Bulgaria an opportunity to collect happy memories. The campaign only has 21 days left before it comes to an end, and the sum of 0.0327 BTC has been donated to the cause. According to the SOS Children’s Village, the donations will be used to provide summer excursions and camps for the foster children in the foster homes at Sofia, Pernik and Tryavna as well as for the kids at the SOS youth facilities in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo.

Currently, there are nine campaigns announced on the BitHope site, one of which has already been completed. The campaigns on the site is divided into four categories: development, external, health and nature. In 2017, the BitHope platform was able to reach a total of BGN25,000 (US$14,806) in donations for the year. The project was founded by Vladislav Dramaliev in 2015 with the goal of becoming a model of charity to nonprofit organizations through the use of cryptocurrency. BitHope manages the crypto wallets of all the campaigns and ensures that the generated funds are utilised well.

Bitcoin Cash seems to be charity compatible as the cryptocurrency had been used to offer aids to Venezuela and South Sudanese. Venezuela is currently facing sanctions and inflation that shot over the roof, leaving the citizens lacking of basic amenities. South Sudan had also being suffering from inflation caused by years of civil war. Eat BCH a Bitcoin Cash-based charity organization was able to help feed the people of Venezuela and South Sudan.

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