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  • From pasta to stir-fry: foods children should learn to cook in school August 21, 2018
    Prue Leith is right: children should learn to cook. Here are nine simple dishes they should be able to makePrue Leith has talked about the importance of teaching children to cook at school and for packed lunches to be banned. “The most important thing is to teach children to cook at schools,” she says. “And […]
    Mina Holland
  • Batons not barriers: The disabled musicians coming to the proms August 21, 2018
    Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s Resound Ensemble explain why it’s not about the disability, it’s about the quality of music-makingJames Rose is used to being underestimated. “Until the age of 11, I was in a special school, and then I asked my parents to move me into a mainstream one because I was getting bored,” he tells […]
    Stephen Moss
  • Can a university rescue a city when the local authority fails? August 21, 2018
    With Northamptonshire council bankrupt, the university is stepping inThanks to sour grapes and special pleading by scholars at the University of Oxford, in 1265 Northampton’s university was dissolved by King Henry III. Exactly 740 years later it was reinstated, this time in a hodgepodge of buildings on the outskirts of town. Come next month, though, […]
    Louise Tickle
  • No other European country tests children at 16: let’s scrap pointless GCSEs | Sandra Leaton Gray August 21, 2018
    It is bizarre to examine children when they still have two more years at schoolWe all could and should be having a relaxed summer but instead, 16-year-olds are grimly anticipating their GCSE results this Thursday. It doesn’t have to be this way.The UK is the only European country to have high-stakes testing at 16, with […]
    Sandra Leaton Gray
  • Should schools be judged by their exam results? August 21, 2018
    Ofsted now says inspectors should pay less attention to exam outcomes. We ask whether it’s rightOfsted has clashed with the Department for Education over how important exam results are as a measurement of a school’s quality. Earlier this month, an Ofsted source suggested that from next year “exam factory” schools that narrowly “teach to the […]
    Donna Ferguson
  • The inescapable weight of my $100,000 student debt August 21, 2018
    MH Miller left university with a journal full of musings on Virginia Woolf and a vast financial burden. He is one of 44 million US graduates struggling to repay a total of $1.4tn. Were they right to believe their education was ‘priceless’?On Halloween in 2008, about six weeks after Lehman Brothers collapsed, my mother called […]
    MH Miller
  • Poorer pupils far more likely to be in failing schools, finds research August 20, 2018
    Data shows 9% of poor English children go to an inadequate school against 1% of wealthiestThe poorest pupils in England are nine times as likely to attend an inadequate school as the wealthiest pupils, a Labour analysis has revealed.And within some regions inequalities are even more marked, with the most deprived children in the east […]
    Andrew Sparrow Political correspondent
  • I’ve no idea what I want to do when I leave school August 20, 2018
    The world is your oyster, says Sharmadean Reid – and a mix of the humanities with technology is perfectI’m about to go into my final year at school and have no idea what I want to do. I enjoy the humanities and I love technology. Where do I start?I’m so jealous: the world is truly your oyster. And you […]
    Sharmadean Reid
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