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  • Damian Hinds pledges to help teachers overwhelmed by excessive workload July 20, 2018
    Education secretary says more will be done to tackle stress that is driving qualified staff awayThe education secretary, Damian Hinds, has admitted too many teachers in England are being overwhelmed by excessive workloads and has pledged to do more to relieve the causes of stress that have been pushing qualified staff out of the classroom.The […]
    Richard Adams and Heather Stewart
  • We can’t paint over our racist past | Letters July 20, 2018
    Manchester university students defacing a Kipling poem draws mixed responses from readersI read the article about how at the University of Manchester the students painted over the Kipling mural and replaced it with a Maya Angelou poem (Report, 20 July). How disappointing. It seems England is following the same path as the US where our […]
  • Wellbeing is a nice buzzword. But when employers use it, ask why | Emily Reynolds July 20, 2018
    Poor employee mental health is not treated with the humanity it requires – instead, it’s seen as a risk, or a barrier to profitThe student mental health crisis shows no sign of abating: in the year to July 2017 alone, 95 students killed themselves, and many report impossibly threadbare services and overworked staff unable to […]
    Emily Reynolds
  • I'm an academic, and I feel underpaid and over-monitored | Anonymous academic July 20, 2018
    I receive more scrutiny and fewer opportunities than peers working in university administration. It doesn’t feel fairI recently voted in yet another ballot on the possibility of industrial action over my university’s staff pay offer. This time around, I can’t believe that I am having to prepare to fight for recognition of the value of […]
    Anonymous academic
  • Saying goodbye to your child’s primary school? I never knew how much I’d miss it | Kay Holmes July 20, 2018
    The little girl who once hugged me at the gates has moved on, and the change to secondary school has come as a shockMy first day in the school playground was terrifying. Everyone else seemed to know each other. Chatting, laughing clusters of comfortable, relaxed people made connections and bonded. I decided – out of […]
    Kay Holmes
  • Student loan repayment income 'undervalued by £600m' July 19, 2018
    Watchdog highly critical of Treasury calculations that differ from DfE forecastsA clash between the Department for Education and the Treasury over how to value the government’s student loans portfolio may have led to more than £600m in income from future loan repayments being overlooked, the National Audit Office (NAO) has warned.The watchdog also advised that […]
    Richard Adams Education editor
  • The Guardian view on religious education: bring it up to date | Editorial July 19, 2018
    In a world where religion seems more alien to many and different belief systems are in closer proximity, we need a new way to teach children about itIn modern secular societies such as Britain, there is a tendency to think “religion” is something that other people do. When we do not understand what it means […]
  • Parents queue from 3am for Cardiff school breakfast club place July 19, 2018
    About 130 parents queued from early hours to secure places for their children at school’s free breakfast clubScores of parents and grandparents queued up from the early hours outside a Cardiff primary school to try to secure places for their children in a free breakfast club.About 130 parents, armed with folding chairs, flasks and snacks, […]
    Steven Morris
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