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  • What do most artists have in common? A second job December 18, 2018
    There’s no way to make ends meet in the arts, where part-time work is the new normal. But how best to manage the side-hustle?A short video was recently posted to Twitter showing a dancer performing outside Hamleys toy store in London dressed as an elf. The slightly snippy caption reads: “‘Leading role they said. West […]
    Zofia Niemtus
  • Crime victims can find it healing to meet offenders – but too few know it December 18, 2018
    Awareness of restorative justice can give victims a sense of closure – and makes the criminal justice system more efficient Related: Restorative justice 101: Meeting the man responsible for my sister's death | Sean Gorman Restorative justice consists of a meeting between a criminal offender and their victim or a representative. This meeting challenges offenders […]
    Luca Assirelli and Charlotte Keenan
  • What stopped you applying to Oxbridge? December 18, 2018
    Why are high-flying state school pupils less likely to apply to Oxford or Cambridge than their private school peers? We asked someNew research from the Sutton Trust has shown that high-flying pupils from state schools are far less likely to apply to Oxbridge than their peers in the private sector and, if they do apply, […]
    Donna Ferguson
  • Child abuser in our midst: ‘He was like the Pied Piper, children flocked to him’ December 18, 2018
    Marilyn Hawes, a teacher whose sons were sexually abused, is working to change how schools warn children about groomingMarilyn Hawes vividly remembers the first time she met Jeff Carney. It was 1981, and she and her husband were at church in Wokingham with their one-year-old son. “He was in a pew behind me tapping me […]
    Kim Thomas
  • Degrees for the rich, apprenticeships for the poor – that’s not a world of parity | Laura McInerney December 18, 2018
    The education secretary wants to end snobbery over vocational qualifications. Tell that to the wealthySomewhere, right now, a 17-year-old is afraid to tell her family she wants to go to university. At £9,000-plus a year it feels like a luxury, a thing for other people. Even though she achieved the highest results in her school, […]
    Laura McInerney
  • Daily Mile gets £1.5m to boost fitness in English primary schools December 17, 2018
    Sport England funding to pay for major expansion of back-to-basics child exercise schemeThe Daily Mile, the back-to-basics fitness initiative for schoolchildren, has received a £1.5m cash injection from Sport England, which hopes to spread the word about it to every primary school in England.The national lottery money represents the biggest expansion of the scheme which […]
    Sally Weale Education correspondent
  • Did you solve it? Can you speak Twitter? December 17, 2018
    The solutions to today’s quiz and puzzleEarlier today I set you a quiz about Twitter slang, and a maths puzzle. Here are the answers, with discussion and workings!The following ten words and phrases emerged in Twitter communities, and are beginning to cross over to general users. Under each word or phrase are two possible definitions. […]
    Alex Bellos
  • Student loan shake-up puts £12bn hole in public finances December 17, 2018
    National deficit increases after ONS says student loans count as government spendingPhilip Hammond is facing a £12bn hole in the public finances this year after changes to the way student loans are treated on the government’s books, reflecting that many will never be repaid.In a stroke of the pen from the Office for National Statistics, […]
    Richard Partington and Sally Weale
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