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  • Testing children gives a poor measure of ability | Letters June 18, 2018
    Readers respond to Simon Jenkins’s piece on how ‘the cult of tests is ruining our schools’“Simon Jenkins (The cult of tests is ruining our schools, 15 June) doesn’t mention the most recent proposals from the Department for Education, to introduce “baseline tests” when children enter primary school reception classes. The stated purpose of these tests […]
  • Poor countries subsidise the NHS by training doctors – compensate them | Letters June 18, 2018
    The UK is home to over 4,700 doctors who trained in Nigeria, providing a substantial subsidy from the African country to the UK, says this multi-signatory letter from experts, and Parry Mitchell suggests ways to tempt back medics who have moved abroadThe scrapping of the immigration cap is a rare victory for freedom of movement […]
  • Did you solve it? Mirror, mirror on the wall June 18, 2018
    The solution to today’s puzzleEarlier today I set you a puzzle about a mirror:A man is facing a mirror hanging on a wall 1m in front of him. Continue reading...
    Alex Bellos
  • Hands off the jam roly-poly: why banning puddings in school is a bad idea June 18, 2018
    Write out 100 times: the rise of obesity is about food poverty – a sponge pudding with custard is not the issue I love the restaurant Caravan, notably its jalapeño corn bread, yet the owner, Laura Harper-Hinton, has said something with which I violently disagree: “I think schools should ban puddings. We have to tackle […]
    Zoe Williams
  • Carnegie medal winner slams children’s book publishers for ‘accessible’ prose June 18, 2018
    Geraldine McCaughrean, accepting award for Where the World Ends, warned that restricting the language children read risks creating a future underclass who are ‘easy to manipulate’Carnegie medal winner Geraldine McCaughrean has castigated the books industry for dumbing down language in children’s literature, warning that a new focus on “accessible” prose for younger readers will lead […]
    Alison Flood
  • Can you solve it? Mirror, mirror on the wall June 18, 2018
    A puzzle to reflect onUPDATE: The solution to the puzzle can be read hereHi guzzlersHere’s a puzzle about something we do every day: gaze at ourselves in the mirror. Who says maths is not relevant to the real world? In fact, You may have often pondered this question without realising it when trying on clothes. […]
    Alex Bellos
  • Glasgow School of Art: sprinklers had not been fitted after first fire June 17, 2018
    Hopes rise that Mackintosh facade can be saved amid questions over why sprinkler system was not prioritisedHopes have been raised that Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh building, which was gutted by fire on Friday, can be saved as it emerged a new sprinkler system had not yet been fitted as part of the restoration following […]
    Libby Brooks Scotland correspondent
  • Yes, we can teach our children about technology, but let’s just ban phones in school | Sona Sodha June 17, 2018
    We need to provide safe spaces where kids can learn positive online behavioursWhen I heard that Eton now requires its year 9s to hand in their mobile phones at bedtime, my immediate thought was I quite like the idea of a check-in, zone-out service that would confiscate my smartphone as the Love Island credits start […]
    Sonia Sodha
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